Thursday, 29 March 2012

Play Not the Peacock

The other day my sister sent me a picture of Jennifer Lawrence's makeup from the Hunger Games premiere and asked me "Can you give me make up like this?". "Too easy" I responded...After disecting the photo and seeing how beautiful this make up was, I then went on a googling frenzy where I started educating myself on other celebs and the current trend with their makeup.

What I have found current is that celebs love their metallic eyes with thick lashes. They are making their eyes the main feature by highlighting the brow bone and then using subtle moonbeam shades to dramatic splashes on the lids. I've noticed PLENTYof shimmer dust effects combined with dark liners/lids and metallic, silvery white on the inner corner of the eyes.

Celebrities love their fake strip lashes also and why wouldn't they?  Long, thick lashes are the foundation of any eye makeup look and make the eyes appear larger and brighter. The thicker the lash too, the better.

Now just team this with a light lip gloss and subtle cheek and it is perfection. Dramatic without being over the top.

My sister's inspiration

Hayden does it perfectly

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes this year

How you can replicate her look

Big thick lashes

Kim loves this look

More subtle metallic hues

Casual look

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