Sunday, 19 February 2012

In Twisted Braids of Lilies Knitting

Hi my name is Lydia and I'm addicted to ASOS. There I admitted it. Every lunch time, every evening, actually any spare moment near a computer is spent with me trolling ASOS looking at what the next great bargain is that I should find. It has become a secret shame too and feel I need to minimise my web browser anytime someone walks past so they don't discover my obsession. It also doesn't help that everytime I buy something it fits me perfectly, it's like each item is the jeans from the sisterhood of the travelling pants - it just magically fits and therefore encourages me more! Plus free shipping guys - FREE SHIPPING.

Whilst on ASOS the other night I started thinking how good the site would be to find Bridesmaid dresses - with free postage and 28 days in which to return an item if unsuccessful, you could go through plenty of options until you found the perfect dress. After searching Bridesmaid Dresses it came up with 781 results - not all actually appropriate choices (one of the first dresses I saw was a black studded cut out dress) but after filtering through it I found some great options. Check the best of them out below:

Simple Navy Dress