Monday, 23 January 2012

A Fine Feather Parade

A current trend I love in the wedding world is the mismatched but beautifully coordinated bridesmaids dresses. There are no real rules when it comes to doing mismatched bridesmaids dresses, I think the key is just to have them all along the same theme.

I believe this trend took off after the Sex and the City Movie where Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte all wore different style/coloured Zac Posen dresses to Carrie's (not so successful) wedding. I think before this 2008 movie, people would have looked at you very quizzically if you mentioned you didn't want  bridesmaids wearing the exact same style of dress...Nowadays, I just can not understand why maids need to look like cookie cutter clones of each other. We all know women come in different shapes and sizes and not one dress fits everyone, so why not make you maids comfortable and let them wear a style that suits them.

Here are a couple examples of what in my opinion the bridesmaids look cohesive enough.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Lily Among Thorns

Yes, I admit I have been slack and not got round to doing my second post. This is due to many changes happening in my life at the moment as well as plenty of other things getting in the way such as Christmas, New Years, afternoon naps, hours of peruising ASOS, sheer laziness etc..Now onto business!

One colour that I am OBSESSED with at the moment is "Tiffany Blue" - you know the colour of the tiffany jewellery boxes. Well, whilst going shopping for a new doona cover in the sales, my mother and I stumbled upon a beautiful Tiffany blue of course I had to find a doona cover that would match this cusion, NOT the other way around. It didn't stop there though, as well as my bedroom I will also have a tiffany blue themed bathroom including a diamante toothbrush holder. Yes I know, not me at all...

So this coulour has had me thinking how beautiful it would work in a wedding palette, I have found the photos below for inspiration: 

I don't need to get married to buy these..
Love the colou rof these Hydrangeas

Cute Tiffany bonboneries