Monday, 9 July 2012

Peacock Plumes

Skin preparation for your Wedding day
Every bride wants a glowing, smooth complexion for her wedding day and even though I can help you achieve this, makeup starts with the foundation of great skin.
One of the most important things you can do in the lead up to your wedding day is to prepare your skin weeks and even months before. To assist you, I have provided tips on how you can achieve this.
Eat healthy foods
Eat fruits and vegetables and foods which are high in anti-oxidants, like berries, nuts and legumes, which help to repair your skin. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar, as well as alcohol (making an exception for your hen’s night, or course!). It is also a good idea to take multi-vitamins on a daily basis.
Drink lots of H2O
This is the most important thing you can do. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water cleans your skin improving its texture and quality, and eliminates blemishes and imperfections. Also try slices of lemon in your water; this citrus fruit rejuvenates your skin from the inside, enhancing your existing beauty and bringing a natural glow to your skin. Lemon water also flushes out toxins from the body, which results in healthy skin and a glowing complexion.
Daily exercise is really important. The increase in circulation keeps your skin looking radiant (not to mention your body in shape!)
Sleep well
Your skin rejuvenates while you sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it will unfortunately show on your skin. Try to get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a night, if at all possible.
Develop a strict skin care regime
Cleanse, tone, and moisturise twice daily (in this order too). Get in the habit of doing this in the morning and again in the evening. I also recommend using a serum a few weeks before the wedding – this is applied after you tone and before your moisturiser.
Use an eye cream
It is important to use an eye cream with your daily skin care regime. Skin around the eyes is much more delicate and thin and needs extra TLC. Gently remove all eye makeup to - use gentle upward and downward strokes when doing this.
Exfoliate at least once a week
Exfoliate at least once a week using a light at-home peel or scrub. Micro-dermabrasion is also very effective, and these days you can buy at-home kits relatively cheap. Remember to always do a patch test first and follow with a good moisturiser. If you have a bit more money to spend, professional micro-dermabrasion is a good idea but make sure to have your last session, at most, a week before the day.
Exfoliate regularly, and start months before your wedding to allow your skin to repair itself in time for the big day. If you are using Acne products like Clearasil or Pro-activ, make sure you do a test patch first and start using the product at least a few months before your wedding in case you have any reactions. These products are really strong, and it’s important to take these precautions.
If you are steadfast about getting a facial before your wedding, remember this - the purpose of a facial is to draw out impurities and often lead to break outs. If you have never had a facial before, please schedule one in at least a few months before your wedding, and get them done regularly right up until the wedding. Do not take a risk by getting a facial done for the first time a week or two before the wedding. Chances are it will not go as planned and you’ll end up with skin you would rather not have on your wedding day.
Apply sunscreen to your face and neck daily. Try using a multi-functional moisturiser like Estée Lauder: Day Wear Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme which has also an SPF 15.  Sun exposure can be harmful to your skin, so avoid long periods in the sun unprotected, and also avoid tanning. If you are using a fake tan or spray on tan it is important to have a ‘trial’ at least a few months before your wedding.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dear Lily of Delight

I'm back! After a short break I'm very excited to get stuck into my blogging again, now that I actually have the time. Let's do this...

After looking through one of my now favourite Wedding blogs - Love my Dress I stumbled across a beautiful Wedding dress designer called Johanna Hehir, who has been designing for over 25 years.

Johanna Hehir (pronounced hair) currently has a new collection of wedding dresses called Mae. I absolutely adore this collection with it's beautiful flowing silk and delicate lace details. It definitely has a vintage look but still modern for today's bride.

PS - how beautiful is the model? Makes me want to dye my hair that colour!!

"While my usual Johanna Hehir collections are known for their clean, classic cuts and romantic detailing, Mae has more relaxed feel with a vintage charm and simplicity all of its own. The type of bride I envisage wearing Mae by Johanna Hehir is a natural beauty, who knows her own mind and simply wants to express her individuality..."

Love the Makeup

Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Shaneen Rosewarne Cox

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Play Not the Peacock

The other day my sister sent me a picture of Jennifer Lawrence's makeup from the Hunger Games premiere and asked me "Can you give me make up like this?". "Too easy" I responded...After disecting the photo and seeing how beautiful this make up was, I then went on a googling frenzy where I started educating myself on other celebs and the current trend with their makeup.

What I have found current is that celebs love their metallic eyes with thick lashes. They are making their eyes the main feature by highlighting the brow bone and then using subtle moonbeam shades to dramatic splashes on the lids. I've noticed PLENTYof shimmer dust effects combined with dark liners/lids and metallic, silvery white on the inner corner of the eyes.

Celebrities love their fake strip lashes also and why wouldn't they?  Long, thick lashes are the foundation of any eye makeup look and make the eyes appear larger and brighter. The thicker the lash too, the better.

Now just team this with a light lip gloss and subtle cheek and it is perfection. Dramatic without being over the top.

My sister's inspiration

Hayden does it perfectly

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes this year

How you can replicate her look

Big thick lashes

Kim loves this look

More subtle metallic hues

Casual look

Sunday, 19 February 2012

In Twisted Braids of Lilies Knitting

Hi my name is Lydia and I'm addicted to ASOS. There I admitted it. Every lunch time, every evening, actually any spare moment near a computer is spent with me trolling ASOS looking at what the next great bargain is that I should find. It has become a secret shame too and feel I need to minimise my web browser anytime someone walks past so they don't discover my obsession. It also doesn't help that everytime I buy something it fits me perfectly, it's like each item is the jeans from the sisterhood of the travelling pants - it just magically fits and therefore encourages me more! Plus free shipping guys - FREE SHIPPING.

Whilst on ASOS the other night I started thinking how good the site would be to find Bridesmaid dresses - with free postage and 28 days in which to return an item if unsuccessful, you could go through plenty of options until you found the perfect dress. After searching Bridesmaid Dresses it came up with 781 results - not all actually appropriate choices (one of the first dresses I saw was a black studded cut out dress) but after filtering through it I found some great options. Check the best of them out below:

Simple Navy Dress

Monday, 23 January 2012

A Fine Feather Parade

A current trend I love in the wedding world is the mismatched but beautifully coordinated bridesmaids dresses. There are no real rules when it comes to doing mismatched bridesmaids dresses, I think the key is just to have them all along the same theme.

I believe this trend took off after the Sex and the City Movie where Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte all wore different style/coloured Zac Posen dresses to Carrie's (not so successful) wedding. I think before this 2008 movie, people would have looked at you very quizzically if you mentioned you didn't want  bridesmaids wearing the exact same style of dress...Nowadays, I just can not understand why maids need to look like cookie cutter clones of each other. We all know women come in different shapes and sizes and not one dress fits everyone, so why not make you maids comfortable and let them wear a style that suits them.

Here are a couple examples of what in my opinion the bridesmaids look cohesive enough.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Lily Among Thorns

Yes, I admit I have been slack and not got round to doing my second post. This is due to many changes happening in my life at the moment as well as plenty of other things getting in the way such as Christmas, New Years, afternoon naps, hours of peruising ASOS, sheer laziness etc..Now onto business!

One colour that I am OBSESSED with at the moment is "Tiffany Blue" - you know the colour of the tiffany jewellery boxes. Well, whilst going shopping for a new doona cover in the sales, my mother and I stumbled upon a beautiful Tiffany blue of course I had to find a doona cover that would match this cusion, NOT the other way around. It didn't stop there though, as well as my bedroom I will also have a tiffany blue themed bathroom including a diamante toothbrush holder. Yes I know, not me at all...

So this coulour has had me thinking how beautiful it would work in a wedding palette, I have found the photos below for inspiration: 

I don't need to get married to buy these..
Love the colou rof these Hydrangeas

Cute Tiffany bonboneries