Monday, 12 December 2011

Fly pride, says the Peacock

I've finally managed to start my blog up after months of procrastinating. My brand, Peacocks and Lilies, along with this blog will discuss all things Makeup and Wedding related...Let's get started!

After doing makeup for many a wedding the past few months and speaking with the brides, I have become OBSESSED with every little detail involved in the big day. I never used to have an interest in weddings until a couple of years ago when my sister got engaged to her now husband. Being heavily involved as a bridesmaid, I grew to like (even love) all the aspects of organising a wedding. It is my dream to become a wedding planner so that I may use my knowledge to create the perfect day for my clients.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those girls who owns a scrapbook or glorybox with thousands of cut outs and clippings of ideas for my own wedding. I am not wishing or hoping to get married anytime soon, I am content browsing the internet, looking at different blogs and gaining ideas and suggestions that I may pass on to my makeup clients for their own wedding. Although, I did see the wedding dress of my dreams the other day on one of my now favourite blogs (see pic below) isn't it AMAZING! I like that it is traditional on the bottom, yet still has a touch of flashiness to it on top. Everyone who knows my fashion sense will agree it screams ME!

My Wedding Dress

Now one trend I am following at the moment that Brides seem to be doing more and more is a bold red lip. Although I do not recommend it (I'm anal and OCD and worry that it will stain the grooms collar or even worse...the dress!!) I do think it looks beautiful for black and white photography. Sometimes pinkish hues can appear ruddy in black and white but red shows up much more dramatic. See examples below and let me know what you think....

Red lips in Black and White Photography